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Serving The Greater Charlottesville & Albemarle Virginia Areas For Rodent Extermination, Rodent Trapping, and Rodent Control Needs

Charlottesville Rodent Removal & Control

Home Inspections, Rodent Trapping and Removal, Rodent Control with Exclusions and Habitat Modifications, Repairs, Cleanup and Sanitation

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Call Now: (804) 256-8272

Charlottesville Rodent Removal & Control

Serving The Greater Charlottesville & Albemarle Virginia Areas For Rodent Extermination, Rodent Trapping, and Rodent Control Needs

The Best In Local Rat, Mice, And Rodent Removal Services For The Areas Of Henrico, Glen Allen, Richmond, Midlothian, And  Charlottesville, Virginia

Licensed and Insured

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Our Charlottesville Rodent Removal and Control team has been around for over 13 years in the Charlottesville & Albemarle Virginia communities providing long-term rodent control services to our customers.

Charlottesville rodent removal - licensed and insured

Licensed and Insured

We are licensed and insured and carry all the necessary licensing and certifications required by the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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On Going Hi-Tech Training

All of our Charlottesville rodent removal experts are regularly trained to provide the most current and effective rodent control solutions for our customers.

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Our Charlottesville Rodent Removal specialists will respond to your rodent problems quickly and solve issues exactly as explained to you.

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100% satisfaction Guarantee

We focus on establishing long-term relationships with our rodent management customers, and the way we do that is to ensure they are 100% satisfied with our services.

No Charlottesville Or Albemarle County Rodent Removal Job Is Too Big Or Too Small – We Tackle Them All

Our Charlottesville rodent removal experts know that your rodent problems, including mice, rats, and squirrels, can quickly become a crisis with these pests causing damage and spreading disease 7 days a week. We’re here to help by providing solutions that accommodate your busy lifestyle and schedule. Our expertise provides solutions for the removal of unwanted rodents from your property, home, or business.

Resolving extensive rodent issues is particularly challenging to manage and check without the help of an expert rodent professional. Because rodents, especially mice and rats, but also squirrels, can squeeze through all types of openings in your home, it can be a complicated process to completely exterminate or remove them. If you see a mouse, rat, or squirrel inside your building our advice would be to call us and get the advice of one of our extensively trained and licensed local rodent experts. By using the expertise of our qualified Charlottesville rodent removal specialist, you can rest assured your nuisance mouse, rat, or squirrel problems will come to an end.

We take pride in our Charlottesville rodent removal services and provide meticulous full-service rodent removal in Charlottesville, Albemarle County and its surrounding communities. Our rodent professionals work to determine the reason for your rodent issue and establish a comprehensive program which includes, an inspection, identifying the rodent(s) involved, removing the rodent(s), repairing all entry points the rodents use to get into your home or business, doing cleanups due to animal damage, and decontaminating all affected areas.

if you’ve taken steps to rid your buildings of rodents yourself, in all likelihood you haven’t killed or removed them completely.

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Please keep in mind the health risks associated with rodents and the damage they can cause. It’s important to get one of our Charlottesville Rodent Removal Service professionals to inspect your buildings as soon as possible to help prevent the situation from getting worse. Our nuisance rat, mouse, and squirrel techs go above and beyond by taking all steps necessary to eradicate your rodent problems. Please give us a call today at (804) 256-8272 and get started resolving your rodent issues.

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Our Charlottesville & Albermarle County Rodent Removal Services

Mice Extermination and Mouse Control

Mice are found throughout Charlottesville, Virginia, and surrounding communities. These small rodents thrive throughout the year and can be found in your home, business, or any of your buildings. As they forage, mice contaminate food meant for humans and pets, and leave feces and urine along their path. Mice can cause considerable damage to structures by chewing through walls and transmit pathogens that cause diseases like salmonella, a form of food poisoning.

Rat Extermination and Rat Control

Rats are one of the most irritating and destructive rodents in the Charlottesville & Albemarle County Virginia areas. They consume and foul food, damage homes, businesses, and property, and spread parasites and diseases to animals and humans. Rats live and thrive throughout Virginia localities and are found in and around homes, businesses, farms, and gardens. Once rats get into your garden or property, unless your buildings have been rat proofed, it is only a matter of time before they make their way into your buildings.

Squirrel Trapping, Exclusions And Control

Virginia is home to two species of squirrels – the Grey Squirrel and the Flying Squirrel. Squirrels damage homes and especially attics. Squirrels love getting into gardens where they dine on a variety of fruits, seeds, and plants. You can find some squirrels digging holes in garden soil or lawns, where they store their food sources like nuts, acorns, or other seeds. Nuisance squirrels chew electrical wires coming into buildings, gnaw their way into homes and especially attics where they can be especially destructive. Squirrels also carry diseases and parasites that can infect people and pets.

We Care For Your Health: Sanitizing Rodent Contaminated Homes and Businesses In Charlottesville and Albemarle County

We specialize in rodent dropping clean-up, decontamination, and disinfection of areas impacted by rodent waste in the Charlottesville and Albemarle County areas of Virginia. Rodents are more than bothersome creatures. Rats, mice, and squirrels can transmit bacterial and viral diseases from ignored urine, feces, and even saliva. Sometimes, rodent bacteria can be carried in the air, impacting food and water located in your home or business. Numerous diseases can be located in rodent droppings, such as leptospirosis, a bacterial disease generally detected in food and water; arenavirus, a disease that can cause intense sickness; and hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, also a disease caught through contact with rodent feces.

Our local rodent technicians can correctly remove rodent waste and disinfect areas affected by rats, mice, and squirrels. Even when dry after long periods of time, rodent droppings can still carry bacteria and parasites, notably in poorly ventilated spaces.

Our technicians remove any soiled and damaged insulation using industrial vacuum/hose equipment. We will bag and haul the soiled insulation away and properly dispose of it. This process can take several hours depending on the size and degree of difficulty to access the area of concern, generally an attic. For example, a small attic may need our techs to crawl on their hands and knees throughout the process, whereas a large attic enables them to stand and more easily move about.

After the contaminated attic insulation has been removed, our team starts the process of vacuuming all the rodent droppings. To destroy all bacteria, fungus, germs, odors, and mildew, we use a biodegradable disinfectant sprayed on all the contaminated areas. The spray dries quickly and leaves no residual or active components. You can rest assured you now have a completely safe area once again!