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Mouse Control That Helps You Get Control

Mouse Control Services At Virginia Rat Removal

The Best Mouse Control Services For The Areas Of Henrico, Glen Allen, Richmond, Midlothian, And  Charlottesville, Virginia

Licensed and Insured

Call Now: (804) 256-8272

Mouse Control Services At Virginia Rat Removal

Mouse Control That Helps You Get Control

The Best In Local Rat, Mice, And Rodent Removal Services For The Areas Of Henrico, Glen Allen, Richmond, Midlothian, And  Charlottesville, Virginia

Licensed and Insured

Call Now: (804) 256-8272

So You Want To Know If You Have Mice In Your Virginia Home? Start Reading!

Virginia Mice Are Really Quite Small

Mice range from 1/2 ounce to 1 ounce which is quite small relative to a rat.

The Tail Of A Mouse

Unlike a rat, mice have hair on their tails which are about as long as their body.

The Face Of A Mouse

Mice have pointed snout, large ears, long whiskers, and black, small, slightly bulging eyes.

Mouse Food

As in the wild, mice will eat just about any food they can access in your home, and they love sweets, especially sweetened cereal.

Ohh, Those Mouse Babies

Depending on the type of mouse, the female can have 5 to 11 litters per year from one to nine in a litter.

The Active Night Life Of A Mouse

Mice are most active between sunset and sunrise and tend to avoid bright lights. But, you may see mice during the day if their nest has been disrupted or they want food.

Virginia Mouse Control Services Providing Effective Nuisance Mouse Control And Mouse Extermination

Mouse infestations are especially challenging to manage and check without the help of professional mouse control services. Because mice can recoil or spring back into shape after bending, stretching, or being compressed they can squeeze between many types of openings in your home, business, or buildings. Ridding an environment of mice can be a complex process to totally eradicate them.

You need to address a mouse issue before it becomes more serious, so it’s important to call our professional mouse control services after your very first sighting of a mouse on your property. By hiring the expertise of our qualified mouse exterminator like those at Virginia Rat Control, you can ensure your mouse infestation will be handled professionally.

Mice cause all sorts of damage to your home or business in the form of Gnawing, Nest Building, Pooping and Peeing.

Mice are more than a nuisance, they are also harmful and dangerous to you and your pets. Our Mouse Control Services ensure your home is secure while using safe methods to eradicate mice throughout the interior of your home or business, including your walls, basement, or attic. If you notice small droppings or hear scurrying through the middle of the night, that is a clear sign of a rodent problem, if not a mouse problem.

If you’ve discovered mice in your home or business, then it’s essential to have them eliminated as soon as possible. To discover more about having a mouse-free building, contact Virginia Rat Removal’s Mouse Control Services online or call us at (804) 256-8272  to request an inspection.

Our High Tech tools are a part of our mouse control services.

We have high tech tools to elimnate mice before they can do the type of damage you can see above. Call Now: (804) 256-8272.

Mice commonly find their way into a building with gaps around pipes and wires.

Mice enter gaps around pipes and wires entering your home. Call our Virginia Rat Removal mouse exclusion pros at (804) 256-8272.

When you use our mouse control services we will find all the areas mice use to enter your business.

Mice quickly ruin a business. Our mouse removal experts are ready to end your mouse issues today. Call Now: (804) 256-8272.

Call (804) 256-8272  For An Inspection

Examples Of How Virginia Rat Removal Addresses Mouse Inspections,  Mouse Damage Repairs, Mouse Captures, and Mouse Exterminations

Click To See Large Image And Explanation

Mouse chewing on this pipe insulation. If you see this it's time to call for Mouse Control Services.
Mouse chewing on electrical wiring. Call our Mouse Control Services to prevent an electical fire in your Virginia buildings.
Mouse feeding on rodenticide which is not harmful to your pets.
Mouse feces in an attic. We put in a screw into the floor so you could get perspective.
A mouse trail in insulation. The mouse entered a gap in the brick wall. Time to seal the gaps!
An opening cut into cinder blocks for pipes and electrical wires. Classic mouse enry point. Our Mouse Control Service team will have this sealed, Call us now.
This crawl space door has gaps which mice can easily enter. One of the many areas we find in building that need to be addressed.
A mouse path in this attic insulation. Yes, mice can climb up into attics.
A  mouse chewed it's way into this garage entry.
Vent grating must be covered with quality metal with air holes a mouse cannot fit through.

Our Mouse Extermination Service

Our Five Step Process That Will Help Keep Your Home And Business Free Of Mice

When you contact our mouse control services, Virginia Rat Removal’s mouse specialists take all the steps necessary to eliminate mouse infestations. So if you’ve encountered a mouse sighting in your home or business, or the prevention methods you’ve attempted aren’t doing the job, it’s time to give Virginia’s #1 mouse control services a try.

Having rat problems? We provide rat control services too. We’ve also put together this great information on Three Ways To Get Rid Of Rats.

At Virginia Rat Removal, we pride ourselves on our trained and educated team of exterminators who will work with you to remove mouse infestations and keep them from returning. Call us today at (804) 256-8272  and arrange an in-home or in-business inspection and say goodbye to mice in your home for good!

Visit our Home Page for additional information on our Rodent Control Services.


We conduct a thorough inspection of your home or business to assess the damage and to locate every possible access point mice will use. Once our mouse extermination experts discover the access points and the visible damage, they finalize a plan. Our team of mouse control experts takes satisfaction in resolving the puzzle of how mice enter your building.

Setting Traps

Based on the inspection, our mice exterminator specialists determine the types of mouse traps to use, the placement of those traps, and the bait they will use in the trap to provide the most effective mouse trapping. The standard trapping/removal time span is usually between 4 to 15 days, but the trapping process could take longer depending on your mouse infestation.


We must seal all of all entry points suspected of contributing to your mouse invasion. Repair gaps in and outside a crawlspace, holes in attic vents, space around pipes entering the home, seal gaps around garage doors, repair foundation spaces around a sewer drain, and repair bulkhead covers that are loose-fitting. Of course, we may have to address issues that are specific to your buildings.

Cleanup | Sanitation

After we remove your mouse problem, we may have to perform cleanup and sanitation. Cleanup will remove any damaged debris, including poop and urine-soaked insulation. All contaminated areas will be washed and then sprayed with a disinfectant that will remove any infectious virus that the mice may have spread through their nesting areas and pathways. When finished, the decontaminated areas will have a fresh scent, and you can rest assured you’ll have a healthful environment.

A Written Report

Our mouse Control Services specialist gives a full report to you explaining the different mouse control strategies and treatments. He or she will suggest how you can guard your home or business against future mouse invasions. Once our job is done, but before we leave, our expert feels obligated to educate you on measures you can take to minimize future nuisance mouse issues.

The Two Virginia Mice – Field Mouse and  House Mouse

Field Mouse, also called a Deer Mouse

FEATURES: Deer mice length ranges from 3 to 4 inches and weighs between .5 and 1 ounce. They have brown-gray-colored bodies with white at the belly and legs.

FOOD: Deer mice prefer seeds, nuts, small fruits and berries, and even insects. They accumulate food rations and search for food near their nests.

HOMELIFE: Once, in your home, deer mice favor attics, basements, or crawl spaces.

MOUSE DESTRUCTION: Because of their small size, deer mice can squeeze through holes the size of a dime. They are found in a building next to a large field. Deer mice are always looking for nesting material, including upholstered furniture, mattresses, clothing, and paper.

Field Mouse Droppings
HEALTH ISSUES: Deer mice are a vector for hantavirus disease. You can get this disease from inhaling the virus when you pick up deer mouse urine or feces. Our techs are very careful when disposing of deer mouse poop. We always spray droppings and urine with disinfectant before removing them.

LIFE PERIOD: A female can have babies 5 to 10 times a year with 6 to babies per litter. Please be aware that deer mice can live up to two years if they have taken up residency in your home and there are available food and water.

House Mouse

FEATURES: A house mouse is grayish-brown with a small slender body, a slightly pointed nose, and weighs from 1/2 to 1 ounce.

FOOD: House mice will eat several kinds of food but favor seeds and grain. They love fats and sweets like chocolate and nut butter.  House mice need little or no water and draw water from the food they eat.

HOMELIFE; House mice are mainly nocturnal but can be seen in the daytime, but stay fairly close to their nests composed of ripped-up paper, cloth, and other materials that can be weaved together. These little critters will home in wall voids, boxes, attics, basements, crawl spaces, cabinets, and other comparable places. 

House Mouse Droppings

MOUSE DESTRUCTION: House mice will spoil food items, and cause damage by their gnawing behavior. Mice can cause short circuits by chewing on wiring, which can create fires or expensive electrical damage.

HEALTH ISSUES: Mice or the parasites they carry can transmit MANY diseases to humans. Mice can also carry organisms that produce ringworms in humans.

LIFE PERIOD: Female mice have 5 to 10 litters per year with 5 or 6 babies to a liter, which means their population in your buildings can grow quickly. These mice can live over two years in ideal conditions. 


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