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Rat Control Remedies That Help You Get Control

Rat Control Services At Virginia Rat Removal

The Best Rat Control Services For The Areas Of Henrico, Glen Allen, Richmond, Midlothian, And  Charlottesville, Virginia

Licensed and Insured

Call Now: (804) 256-8272

Rat Control Services At Virginia Rat Removal

Rat Control Remedies That Help You Get Control

The Best In Local Rat, Mice, And Rodent Removal Services For The Areas Of Henrico, Glen Allen, Richmond, Midlothian, And  Charlottesville, Virginia

Licensed and Insured

Call Now: (804) 256-8272

So You Want To Know If You Have Rats In Your Virginia Home? Start Reading!

Rats As Big As Cat? Sometime!

Rats may grow to as large as 15 inches, while mice typically reach 5-8 inches.

The Tail Of A Rat

Rats have hairless, thick scaly tails.  Their tails are generally shorter than the added lengths of their heads and bodies.

A Rat's Face

A rat’s face features a pointed head, short whiskers, a blunt snout, large eyes, and raised thinly furred ears.

The Hungry Rat

There are two types of rats in Virginia, the Roof Rat and the Norway Rat. Rats will eat almost anything: meat, vegetables, grains, seeds, nuts, fruit and anything they can pilfer from garbage.

And Then Those Rat Babies Keep On Coming...

Depending on the type of rat a female may produce an average of 4 to 12 pups per litter and 4 to 7 litters each year.

Some Rats Love The Night Life - Let's Dance...

Some rats are nighttime rodents, so they are most active between sunset and sunrise. Other rats like Roof Rat move during the day, so watch out that you don’t step on one.

Virginia Rat Control Services Providing Effective Nuisance Rat Control And Rat Extermination

Rat infestations are especially challenging to manage and check without the help of professional rat control services. Because rats can recoil or spring back into shape after bending, stretching, or being compressed they can squeeze between many types of openings in your home, business, or buildings. Ridding an environment of rats can be a complex process to totally eradicate them.

You need to address a rat issue before it becomes more serious, so it’s important to call our professional rat control services after your very first sighting of a rat on your property. By hiring the expertise of our qualified rat exterminator like those at Virginia Rat Control, you can ensure your rat infestation will be handled professionally.

Rats Are Notorious For Gnawing Their Way Into Warmer Structures
From The Cold (Or Hot) Outdoors

Rats are more than a nuisance, they are also harmful and dangerous to you and your pets. Our Rat Control Services ensure your home is secure while using safe methods to eradicate rats throughout the interior of your home or business, including your walls, basement, or attic. If you notice small droppings or hear scurrying through the middle of the night, that is a clear sign of a rodent problem, if not a rat problem.

If you’ve discovered rats in your home or business, then it’s essential to have them eliminated as soon as possible. To discover more about having a rat-free building, contact Virginia Rat Removal’s Rat Control Services online or call us at (804) 256-8272  to request an inspection.

Visit our Home Page for additional information on our Rodent Control Services.

Our High Tech tools are a part of our rat control services.

We use high tech tools to elimnate rats before they can do the type of damage you can see above. Call Now: (804) 256-8272.

Rats commonly find their way into a building with gaps around pipes and wires.

Rats enter gaps around pipes and wires entering your home. Call our Virginia Rat Removal rat exclusion pros at  (804) 256-8272.

When you use our rat control services we will find all the areas rats use to enter your business.

Rats quickly ruin a business. Our rat removal experts are ready to end your rat issues today. Call Now: (804) 256-8272.

Call (804) 256-8272  For An Inspection

Examples Of How Virginia Rat Removal Addresses Rat Inspections,  Rat Damage Repairs, Rat Exterminations, and Rat Exclusions

Click To See Large Image And Explanation

Rats chewing on this pipe insulation. If you see this it's time to call for Rat Control Services.
Rats were chewing on electrical wiring. Call our Rat Control Services to prevent an electical fire in your Virginia buildings.
Standing rat urine in a crawl space. Our rat control services were able to get this crawl space cleaned up and sealed from rats.
The dark coloring on the pipe is sebum which is a waxy material that comes off the body of a rat when it crawls acroos various materials.
Rat droppings around a vent inside a home, Time to seal some gaps!
An opening cut into cinder blocks for pipes and electrical wires. Rats can easily gain access into a building through this opening. Our Rat Control Service team will have this sealed, Call us now.
This crawl space door has gaps which rats can easily enter. One of the many areas we find in building that need to be addressed.
Comparing the size and shape of rat and mouse droppings.
A  rat gnawed it's way into this garage entry.
Vent grating must be covered with quality metal with air holes a rat cannot fit through.

Our Rat Extermination Service

Our Four Step Process That Will Help Keep Your Home And Business Free Of Rats

When you contact our rat control services, Virginia Rat Removal’s rat specialists take all the steps necessary to eliminate rat infestations. So if you’ve encountered a rat sighting in your home or business, or the prevention methods you’ve attempted aren’t doing the job, it’s time to give Virginia’s #1 rat control services a try. We’ve also put together this great resource explaining Three Ways To Get Rid Of Rats. Are mice getting into your home or business? We provide mouse removal and control services too.

At Virginia Rat Removal, we pride ourselves on our trained and educated team of exterminators who will work with you to remove rodent infestations and keep them from returning. Call us today at (804) 256-8272  and arrange an in-home or in-business inspection and say goodbye to rats in your home for good!


We conduct a thorough inspection of your home or business to assess the damage and to locate every possible access point rats will use. Once our rat extermination experts discover the access points, the visible damage, they finalize a plan. Our team of rat control experts takes satisfaction in resolving the puzzle of how rats enter your building.

Setting Traps

Based on the inspection, our rat exterminator specialists determine the types of rat traps to use, the placement of those traps, and the bait they will use in the trap to provide the most effective rat trapping. The standard trapping/removal time span is usually between 4 to 15 days, but the trapping process could take longer depending on your rat infestation.


We must seal all of all entry points suspected of contributing to your rat invasion. Repair gaps in and outside a crawlspace, holes in attic vents, space around pipes entering the home, seal gaps around garage doors, repair foundation spaces around a sewer drain, and repair bulkhead covers that are loose-fitting. Of course, we may have to address issues that are specific to your buildings.

Cleanup | Sanitation

After we remove your rat problem, we may have to perform cleanup and sanitation. Cleanup will remove any damaged debris, including poop and urine-soaked insulation. All contaminated areas will be washed and then sprayed with a disinfectant that will remove any infectious virus that the rats may have spread through their nesting areas and pathways. When finished, the decontaminated areas will have a fresh scent, and you can rest assured you’ll have a healthful environment.

A Written Report

Our Rat Control Services specialist gives a full report to you explaining the different rat control strategies and treatments. He or she will suggest how you can guard your home or business against future rat invasions. Once our job is done, but before we leave, our expert feels obligated to educate you on measures you can take to minimize future nuisance rat issues.

The Two Notorious Virginia Rats – Norway Rat and Roof Rat

Norway Rat

The Norway rat is regularly referred to as the street rat, brown rat, common rat, city rat, water rat, and more. These rats have poor vision and are colorblind, but their other senses are well-developed. And they run, climb, jump and swim. Norway rats cause damage to homes and businesses by gnawing on wood and urinating and pooping in areas they inhabit.

If you see capsule-shaped poop that is a sign you may have a Norway Rat in your home or business.

The female Norway rat reproduces 3 to 7 times a year and has many babies with each litter. Given this high reproduction rate, you need to be proactive and get rat control services into your building as quickly as possible before infestation sets in.

Norway rats love wood to gnaw on and its debris to build a nest, so please keep any woodpiles away from your buildings. And watch out for those leaky pipes as Norway rats are always searching for drinking water. Definitely don’t leave food garbage uncovered either, as Noway rats are always looking for a free meal.

Roof Rat

In Virginia, Roof Rats make nests in attics, ceilings, walls, and other high places. Roof rats are superb climbers, and they are attracted to the warmer, coastal areas like Virginia Beach. However, roof rats do get inland and are found 40-80 miles inland of the coastal regions.

Once in your buildings, Roof Rats will be pooping and peeing. Their poop is pointed at the ends, and pee stinks and can be harmful to your health.

Roof rats commonly live outdoors and are busier during the day than at night. If there is not enough food and shelter outside, they will search for Virginia buildings with food, warmth, and water. Gnawers of wires, roof rats can cause electrical problems and can set off a fire.

A female Roof Rat can have 25 babies per year, if not more, and become sexually active after two or three months. Each of her litters can have up to eight babies and as many as six litters a year.


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